9 Best Free Business Management Software for 2022

Best Free Business Management Software

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking the best free business management software for your company.

If you are the owner of a small firm or a department inside a larger corporation, you should think about using commercial management software.

Indeed, whether it is to enhance your operations or just to reduce your expenses, a commercial management application will be really beneficial.

This post will explain what commercial management software is and which products are the finest on the market.

What is a business management software?

A business management software is a tool that assists businesses in managing all elements of their business.

Accounting, inventory, customer interactions, and other functions are all managed by this sort of technology.

A business management tool enables you to have a clear perspective of your firm’s strategy and development in respect to its objectives.

This sort of software is frequently used in conjunction with other management tools, such as ERP.

Top 9 best free business management software



Monday.com is a modular SaaS business management software.

Indeed, monday.com is not limited to this application and can be used to handle several elements of your business such as project management, time tracking, CRM, and inventory management.

Commercial management, on the other hand, is a highly tangible use case that may be implemented using Monday.com.

However, please keep in mind that Monday.com does not allow you to manage your company’s bookkeeping.

However, you will be able to control all of the other parts using Monday.com.

This company management software is simple to use and inexpensive, as it is free for up to two users. The initial premium plan is 8€ per month per user.



Clickup is a great free business software that will help you organize your work.

Basically, this app was created to simplify the work of business owners and to help teams work faster and better together online.

This software can be seen as a project management software but it is much more. Indeed, Clickup is closer to the business management software.

Clickup offers various features and integrations that will excite you in addition to its gorgeous look.

Clickup’s primary features include task and project management, goal management, document management, and much more.

We urge that you test it for free first to get your own impression.

On top of that, Clickup is free to test!



Teamleader is a comprehensive business management software.

Teamleader, in fact, oversees all parts of business and commercial administration, from accounting to project management and time monitoring.

Teamleader provides several tools to assist you in managing your business. This tool is perfect if you wish to consolidate data in a single tool rather than using a different tool for each use case.

Teamleader provides you with a comprehensive snapshot of your company’s health.

The initial payment plan is 15€ per user per month.


noCRM is a the perfect free business management software. It provides a sales and lead prospecting and management solution.

In its tool, noCRM prioritizes usability. Among the primary functions are:

  • Contact administration
  • Management of leaders
  • Sequences of outreach
  • Organization of Tasks

NoCRM is a cross between a CRM and a project management application.

The pricing is reasonable because they provide a free version and the first premium plan begins at 12€/month.


Axonaut is a business management software developed in France.

Indeed, Axonaut enables you to handle all element of your business, from prospecting to collection, while adhering to French regulations.

Among the most important features are:

  • Commercial administration
  • Prospect and customer management (CRM)
  • Quote/invoice generation
  • Purchase order administration
  • Module for Accounting
  • Module for project management and ticketing

In summary, you realize that Axonaut is a multi-purpose company management solution.

This tool is comprehensive and simple to use.

A 14-day free trial is available, and the first premium plan starts at 40€/month.



Sage is a true SaaS software powerhouse.

Sage50 is Sage’s business management software.

This program lets you handle quotations, bills, accounts, and prospecting all in one place.

This tool’s primary audience is small companies.

You will also be able to track and monitor the evolution of stocks using Sage 50, as well as save time in the administration of your company’s transactions.

The starting price is 33$ per month.


Notion is not a free business management software per se, but its versatility allows it to handle whatever work you throw at it.

Indeed, Notion features a kanban view similar to Trello for rapidly breaking down activities and getting an overview of your short to-do list.

Notion is a collaborative platform since you may invite your whole team.

However, when it comes to pure project management, Notion falls well short of monday.com.


CoSchedule is free business management software for marketing teams.

Indeed, this business management software is geared at marketing teams, allowing them to manage all of the content to be sent, centralize the graphic aspects, schedule the distribution via a calendar, and assign different duties to various marketing team members.

CoSchedule gives you control over your brand image with a shared graphic library, as well as the ability to keep track of all incoming, continuing, and finished marketing tasks.


Insightly is essentially a full-fledged CRM system.

This application, on the other hand, provides several collaborative project and task management functions.

The Insightly Service package is entirely project-based and allows you to keep track of the progress of your team’s or company’s responsibilities.

Because of its CRM foundation, Insightly is a fully integrated solution that is precisely aligned with the company’s growth.

This technology, however, is more suited to a business audience that’s why we have listed it here.

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Why should you use a free business management software?

There are several benefits to adopting a business management software.

Indeed, the first advantage is the ability to centralize all of your management information in order to get a clear picture of your company’s health and growth.

Normally, businesses use accounting software, CRM software, and so on… but with commercial management software, you combine all of these parts into a strong program to help with management.

Furthermore, better management implies greater openness and communication with your staff.

True, all members of your team will have access to this company management software, so everyone will be on the same page in terms of goals and business progress.

It is also easier for the firm management to make strategic decisions since the organization’s vision is clearer.

Finally, business management software makes it easier to comply with the country’s legislation since this sort of software incorporates French laws “by design.” (the majority of the time)

As a result, employing this sort of technology will help you avoid legal issues.

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What software do most small businesses use?

Small businesses use many different types of software depending on their needs.

However, here are the most common ones:

  • Accounting software
  • Project management software
  • CMS software to manage website
  • Expenses management software
  • Time tracking software

Basically, small businesses can use software to help them better manage and run their business whether it is online or offline.

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