How to View Private Twitter Accounts

how to view private twitter accounts

In this post, you’ll learn how to view private Twitter accounts.

If you’re using Twitter, you must have faced this issue. Trying to view a protected tweet without following that person.

Indeed, many people on Twitter go private so only their followers will be able to consult their content and tweets.

That’s basically the same thing as going private on Instagram or TikTok.

It gives users more privacy so they control who can access their content.

Turning on the private mode is a big feature for social media, but that is also counter-productive if you want more followers because nobody sees your tweets.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to access a private Twitter account or its content.

We’ll take you to the different steps to see a private Twitter account or to view protected tweets.

What is a private Twitter account?

A private Twitter account is a Twitter account that only people who followed the account can access its content.

Basically, it is a way for the content creator to avoid being stalked or avoid people who steal content.

Also, it avoids bots to scrape the content from the Twitter account.

Basically turning your Twitter account into private is a good way to protect your tweets and only share them with who you decide to.

Also, there are other numerous advantages that protect your activity on Twitter like:

  • Disable the retweet feature
  • You can approve manually your future followers (or not)
  • Your tweets won’t be indexed in the Google search engine

However, sometimes, you might be tempted to actually view some protected tweets without following the people.

Whether you’re curious or just want to analyze the content of a competitor, you might be wondering this very popular question, how to view private Twitter accounts?

How to view private Twitter accounts?

There are several ways to view private Twitter accounts.

However, these include following someone to access their private Twitter, creating a fake account, or leveraging Google/ Google images.

However, the most efficient way to view a private Twitter account is to follow that person and wait for this person to accept your follow request.

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Follow someone to view a private Twitter account

This method is the most obvious one, however, most people don’t want the person to know you could access the protected tweets, so it might not be the most viable for your use-case.

However, since Twitter only allows followers to access private accounts, that’s the most efficient way to access protected content.

How does it work?

  • You send a follow request to that person
  • Wait for the person to accept it
  • Boom, you can now access their protected tweets

If you still can’t access their protected Twitter account, it means that the person didn’t accept your follow request yet.

If you want to be incognito and still follow that person (because it’s the best way to access protected tweets), then we recommend you to create a fake Twitter profile.

However, do not use real people’s info to create your fake profile!

You should use AI-powered images and imagine a new profile but do not use someone else photos.

Once your fake profile is created, do not follow directly the desired user. If you got 0 followers it can seem fake (as it is).

You should get a few followers beforehand, then send the follow request.

Your request will likely end up approved using this technique if you have been cautious.

View protected tweets using Google

Another technique, not the most effective but worth a try is searching in Google for Tweets.

Each tweets are normally indexed. However, protected tweets, do not get indexed by Google.

However, if the profile turned private recently, it is possible to still find tweets indexed in Google directly.

To check tweets from a twitter user in Google, do the following:

  • In Google, type{{twitter_handle_variable}}/status
  • Of course, replace {{twitter_handle_variable}} with the actual handle of the person private account. Make sure you do not include the “@” in the URL.
  • Press enter, and Google will give you the list of Tweets available.
  • You can then search them on Google images.

That technique might not work if the profile has been protected for a while now, but we recommend you trying.

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How to view a private Twitter account without following someone?

The only available technique to view private Twitter accounts without following someone is to use the Google technique explained above.

Basically, you’ll want to search for twitter URL of tweets using the handle of the person’s private accounts, directly in Google or Google images.

That way, if the tweets are indexed in the search engine, you’ll be able to either see the images of the tweets or the link to the direct tweet.

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Is there a way to view protected Tweets?

Yes, there are 2 ways to view protected tweets online.

As explained above, you can either send a follow request with your account or using a fake account, or you can search for the tweets directly in Google.

There is no other way of viewing protected tweets.

Actually, Twitter re-inforced their privacy recently which prevent people from seeing protected tweets online without the creator’s approval.

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