11 Best Employer Of Record (EOR) Services and Systems

Employer of Record Services

In the modern world of remote work and global business, Employer of Record (EOR) services have grown in popularity and necessity.

With a range of platforms on the market, it’s crucial to know which fits your business’s unique needs best.

Today, we will delve into the top EOR systems and what sets each one apart.

Top 11 Best Employer of Record Services



Rippling is one of the best Employer of Record platforms and services.

At its core, it’s designed to centralize and simplify a company’s administrative tasks across HR, IT, and Finance.

What sets Rippling apart is its ability to evolve with your business.

Starting with EOR services, you can transition into Global Payroll as you grow without any disruptions. This fluidity ensures that businesses don’t have to migrate data or switch systems mid-way.

With Rippling, you can hire both domestic and international employees, manage compensation packages, and ensure timely and compliant payments.

The package even goes beyond to include benefits administration, helping companies offer competitive health and retirement plans.

With automated workflows, Rippling eases the burden of ensuring compliance with tax regulations across different countries. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses that are scaling rapidly and need a reliable system to manage a diverse workforce.

Core Features:

  • Global Footprint: EOR, Global Payroll, and PEO services ensure you can hire virtually anywhere.
  • Flexibility: Offers both fixed and hourly payments, catering to both full-time staff and contractors.
  • Automation: Simplifies complex workflows related to tax, compliance, and even employee promotions.
  • Additional Tools: Inclusion of ATS and LMS indicates a holistic approach to employee lifecycle management.

Price: Starts from $8 per user, but it’s best to consult their sales for a tailored quote.



Deel is a powerhouse for EOR services and for international employment.

Recognized for its expertise in handling international contracts, Deel ensures companies remain compliant with local labor laws, no matter where their employees are based.

The platform takes the complexities of hiring across borders and turns them into a seamless experience.

From drafting contracts that are tailored to each country’s regulations to automating compliance and tax documents, Deel offers a one-stop solution for companies scaling their global workforce.

Core Features:

  • International Payments: Facilitates streamlined payment processes, simplifying cross-border transactions.
  • Custom Contracts: Offers localized contracts that abide by country-specific labor laws.
  • Automated Compliance: Keeps track of changes in labor laws, ensuring you’re always compliant.
  • Dedicated Support: Provides real-time support to address any concerns during the hiring process.

Price: Custom pricing based on individual company requirements.

Papaya Global


Papaya Global is one of the best EOR services and brings to the table a SaaS platform designed for the international employment arena.

With its cloud-based system, managing global payroll, EOR, and even contractor payments has never been more efficient. Companies looking to decentralize their workforce will appreciate Papaya Global’s ability to ensure worker classification compliance, a feature that stands out in the era of the gig economy.

Core Features:

  • Unified Platform: Offers a single dashboard for global payroll management.
  • Broad Coverage: EOR services extend to over 140 countries.
  • Compliance at Core: Classify workers correctly and always remain in line with country-specific regulations.
  • Real-time Analytics: Access insights and reports to make informed decisions.

Price: Inquire on their platform for a custom quote.


Remofirst, with its emphasis on speed and efficiency, claims to turn around global hiring processes in just 48 hours.

This rapid response time sets it apart in the EOR space, ensuring companies can mobilize their global teams quickly.

Whether it’s managing international payroll or ensuring compliance, Remofirst aims to simplify the complexities of global employment.

Core Features:

  • Speedy Onboarding: Promises a 48-hour turnaround for hiring across the globe.
  • Integrated Payroll Management: Manages compensation seamlessly across different currencies and tax systems.
  • Compliance: Places a strong focus on adhering to local employment regulations.
  • Benefit Management: Helps firms offer competitive benefits, aligned with regional standards.

Price: Reach out directly for tailored pricing details.


Oyster stands out as a platform designed specifically for the nuances of distributed hiring.

Recognizing the growing trend of remote work and the global dispersion of talent, Oyster offers an EOR solution that promises to onboard talent in a hassle-free manner, all within a few days.

Core Features:

  • Centralized Management: From onboarding to off-boarding, manage the entire employee lifecycle.
  • Broad Coverage: Facilitates payroll across over 90 countries.
  • Compliance at Forefront: Ensures all hiring practices are compliant with regional laws.
  • Integrated HR: Apart from EOR, Oyster provides a range of HR tools for performance management, feedback, and more.

Price: Variable pricing structures based on the regions and number of employees.


Foxhire operates on the principle that companies should be able to tap into global talent pools without the daunting process of setting up a legal entity in every country. With its robust EOR services, Foxhire allows businesses to easily manage their global workforce, offering a seamless experience from hiring to benefit administration.

Core Features:

  • Global Employment Simplified: Seamlessly hire talent from across the globe.
  • End-to-End Payroll: Efficiently manage compensation, taxes, and benefits.
  • Holistic HR Support: From addressing employee grievances to performance management, they’ve got you covered.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Offers a wide range of benefits tailored to regional norms.

Price: Tailored pricing based on specific company needs.


Remote is a platform tailored for businesses with a distributed workforce in mind. Recognizing the complexities of international employment laws, taxes, and regulations, Remote endeavors to offer companies a seamless experience in hiring, managing, and paying their international teams.

Core Features:

  • Global Payroll: Offers an easy-to-use system to manage salaries, benefits, and taxes for international employees.
  • IP Protection: Unique feature ensuring the intellectual property rights remain with the employer.
  • Inclusive Benefits: Assists in providing health, dental, vision, and other benefits as per regional standards.
  • Self-Serve Employee Platform: Allows employees to manage their data, documents, and benefits.

Price: Pricing details are customized based on the requirements.

Velocity Global

Velocity global EOR

Velocity Global has swiftly risen as a leader in the international business solutions sphere, especially in the Employer of Record domain.

As businesses eye global expansion or aim to harness international talent without establishing a full entity overseas, Velocity Global emerges as a reliable partner.

Their expertise in international PEO services ensures both a seamless and compliant experience.

Core Features:

  • Worldwide EOR Services: Offers an expansive service in over 185 countries, making it a go-to solution for businesses eyeing any part of the globe.
  • Seamless Global Expansion: Whether it’s a startup or a multinational, Velocity Global simplifies the entry into new markets without the need for a complete local entity setup.
  • Expertise in Compliance: Staying abreast of the ever-changing landscape of international employment laws, the platform guarantees your business remains compliant in every region.
  • Comprehensive Global Payroll: Manages the intricacies of international payroll, ensuring timely and accurate compensation for your global team.
  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding: Beyond EOR services, they assist in finding the right talent and ensuring a smooth integration into the company.
  • Benefits Management: Curates and administers benefits packages tailored to the standards and expectations of each country.

Price: Given the bespoke nature of international employment solutions, it’s recommended to approach Velocity Global directly for a customized pricing structure based on specific needs.


Multiplier serves as a bridge for businesses to access global talent without the logistical and regulatory hassles. With its transparent approach to global employment, Multiplier ensures that businesses remain compliant while employees get a fair deal as per regional labor laws.

Core Features:

  • Contract Management: Facilitates region-specific employment contracts, ensuring both parties are well-protected.
  • Global Payroll: Streamlined and compliant compensation management across different countries.
  • Benefits Administration: Provides a suite of benefits tailored to each country’s norms and regulations.
  • Compliance: Ensures adherence to tax laws, labor laws, and other regulatory requirements.

Price: Direct inquiries are needed for pricing specifics.


Omnipresent provides global EOR solutions that promise to reduce the time, cost, and risks traditionally associated with international employment. With a presence in over 150 countries, Omnipresent is committed to helping businesses tap into the world’s talent pool with ease.

Core Features:

  • Rapid Onboarding: Claims to have employees up and running in a matter of days.
  • Global Coverage: A wide footprint across continents, enabling businesses to hire almost anywhere.
  • Tailored Benefits: Assists companies in offering competitive benefits, tailored to local standards.
  • Compliance Guarantee: Provides peace of mind by ensuring that all employment practices are compliant.

Price: Contact them directly for customized pricing.


Pilot recognizes the value of a global workforce and the complexities that come with managing it. With a robust suite of tools, Pilot offers businesses the ability to easily manage payroll, benefits, and compliance for their international teams.

Core Features:

  • Automated Payroll: Reduces the administrative burden with its automated global payroll system.
  • Compliance Management: Stay updated with changes in local labor laws and ensure you’re always on the right side of regulations.
  • Benefits Administration: Provides a range of region-specific benefits to attract and retain talent.
  • Dedicated Support: A team of experts on standby to assist with any hiccups during the hiring and management process.

Price: Custom pricing based on the scope and needs of the business.

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What is an Employer of Record Service?

Employer of Record services, or EORs, have gained traction as businesses expand beyond their home countries. An EOR is essentially a third-party organization that hires employees on another company’s behalf.

Think of it as a mediator that bridges the gap between a company’s desire to hire globally and the complex regulations and logistics that come with it.

In a typical scenario without an EOR, if a U.S.-based company wanted to hire someone in Japan, they’d potentially need to navigate Japanese labor laws, set up a local entity, manage taxes, and ensure compliance with local norms.

This process can be daunting, expensive, and laden with risk.

Enter EORs. With their help, that same U.S. company can hire the Japanese worker without diving deep into the intricacies of Japanese employment laws. The EOR would handle the employment contract, payroll, benefits, tax deductions, and even issues like termination or disputes, all while ensuring local compliance.

Beyond mere convenience, EORs offer businesses a chance to test new markets. Instead of making a hefty investment in setting up a local entity, companies can lean on EORs to onboard local talent and assess market viability. Only after validating the market might they consider a more significant commitment.

How to choose the best Employer of Record Service?

The decision to engage with an EOR is significant. Hence, it’s essential to choose one that aligns with your business goals and operations. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you:

  1. Coverage: Not all EORs operate in every country. Ensure your chosen platform covers your target countries.
  2. Cost: EORs come with varying price tags. Scrutinize hidden costs and understand what’s included in the package.
  3. Features: Some EORs provide additional services like benefits administration, tax consultancy, or talent acquisition.
  4. Support: Global hiring comes with its challenges. Ensure your EOR offers robust customer support to navigate issues.
  5. Scalability: Your EOR should grow with you. As your workforce expands, the EOR should easily accommodate the changes.
  6. Reputation: Look for reviews, case studies, and customer testimonials. It gives a clearer picture of the EOR’s efficacy.
  7. Integration: Check if the EOR platform integrates with your existing systems, ensuring seamless data flow.

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Advantages of EOR services

In the globalized world of business, EORs are more than just a luxury; they are a necessity. Let’s explore why:

  1. Speedy Global Expansion: With EORs, you can tap into new markets and hire local talent quickly without setting up a physical presence.
  2. Reduced Legal Hassles: EORs bear the responsibility of ensuring compliance, drastically reducing your risk of legal complications.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Hiring locally can be a cost-intensive affair with legal fees, entity setup costs, and more. EORs can offer a more economical solution.
  4. Flexibility: Test waters in new markets. If a region doesn’t work out, it’s easier to pull back without significant losses.
  5. Talent Acquisition: EORs often have networks that can help you tap into local talent pools efficiently.
  6. Consistent Employee Experience: Even if your employees are spread across continents, EORs can ensure a uniform experience in terms of benefits, payroll, and more.

In essence, EORs simplify the complex world of global employment, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – innovate and grow.

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