What Does WRD Mean on Snapchat?

WRD meaning Snapchat

In this article, you’ll learn what WRD means in text and more particularly on Snapchat.

There is a lot of slang used while texting online.

Sometimes obvious slang, sometimes not obvious, and it can make you feel like you’re not in anymore.

Among the most common slang used, we can find WSG, HYD, OFC, and much more.

You’ll learn the meaning of WRD in different situations and how to respond to WRD.

What is the meaning of WRD in casual texting?

In casual texting, WRD is a contraction of “word”.

This might not help you to understand how to respond or even the meaning of WRD in the context it has been used for you.

WRD can be used for multiple purposes during texting.

The most common one is to show signs of agreement.

Therefore, WRD can be used as a replacement for “Yes” or “Definitely”.

Note that WRD is also used in the same context as “For real” or “really”, to show that you can be shocked by a situation.

Other use of WRD on Snapchat and texting

While WRD basically means “Word” in texting, and it is used to show agreement on a topic.

It can be used in other situations or actually, is misused in many cases.

People often think WRD means “weird” but it doesn’t at all.

WRD can also have some very specific niche meanings like:

  • Wireless Reading Device (Kindle, etc..)
  • World Radio Day

But these are probably not what the person you’re texting meant.

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How to respond to WRD while texting?

Well, basically, there is nothing much to respond to WRD if someone is texting you this slang.

So you don’t have to answer to WRD you’re receiving it, however, you can still provide an answer to your interlocutor.

Let’s take a chat example like:

John: “Dude, I think we should invest in the stock market before it goes crazy”.

You: “WRD!”

John: “Yaa, let me send you more info about it.”.

In the chat above, John suggests you should invest in the stock market, you simply agreed and the conversation continued naturally.

That’s basically how WRD should be used in casual texting and how it should be responded to.

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