Following Too Fast on Tiktok – How to Fix

How to fix following to fast on TikTok

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix following too fast on TikTok easily.

If you’ve been using TikTok for a while and tried to gain more followers, you might have tried to follow many people to trigger a follow-back effect.

This way, you can easily gain a few hundred followers.

This method is widely used on many socials like TikTok or Instagram and is quite famous to start on these platforms.

However, for a long time now, TikTok has been trying to prevent people from using this technique which can be seen as a kind of spammy for most users.

What does following too fast error mean on TikTok?

The following too fast error on TikTok simply means that you are following too many people in a short period of time.

TikTok is actually limiting the number of accounts you can follow within a specific period of time to prevent spammers from using and growing on the platform.

This error can be triggered in different cases, but most of the time you followed more than 40 accounts within an hour or two.

TikTok has many algorithms that monitor activity on the platform.

If you follow many accounts on the app, it’ll trigger some alerting systems and you’ll be limited on the app.

Following too fast TikTok

How to fix following too fast on TikTok?

There are several steps to take to actually fix the error “You’re following too fast” on TikTok.

As you read before, this error is triggered because you tried to follow too many accounts in a small period of time.

So to fix this error, you simply need to reduce your TikTok following activity so TikTok doesn’t think you’re a spammer or a bot.

TikTok doesn’t like automation at all. So you need to show TikTok you’re not a bot by having a regular activity on the app.

So slow down you’re following activity and wait for a while and the error should disappear.

Slow down your TikTok following activity

The first thing to do to fix the “You’re following too fast” error on Tiktok is to slow down your following activity or even stop following users.

TikTok will block you from following people anyway, but you need to stop trying – to show TikTok you’re not a bot or any kind of automation that has been set up.

The main reason TikTok is blocking you is to sanitize the platform and avoid bots from disturbing the service.

Wait for 12-24 hours

Once you stopped following accounts on TikTok, the only thing you can do is wait for some time.

We recommend you wait for 12-24 hours before following more accounts, however, you might be unblocked under 30 minutes if you encounter this error for the first time.

The more you encounter this error, the longer you’ll be blocked.

If you’re unblocked, we recommend you to have regular behavior and not follow hundreds of accounts anymore.

If you keep pushing and following many accounts and get this error many times, your account might end up being totally blocked.

Disconnect all third-party if any

The last step we usually recommend is to disconnect all third-party apps from TikTok that could interfere with your TikTok activity.

Indeed, TikTok hates bots or automation and thrives on organic growth.

If TikTok detects you’re using a third-party app considered as a bot to boost you’re followings/followers or any activity, TikTok will get you banned.

We strongly recommend not using any other app than TikTok to grow your audience.

What is the duration of the “you’re following too fast” block?

There is no clear answer to this question.

The follow-ban duration depends on each profile, if it’s the first time you encounter the error, depends also on how you follow/unfollow accounts.

It can last for 30 min only but can also last for days if you get this error often.

If you get the “You’re following too fast error” too many times, you can even get banned from the app.

TikTok is not joking about spammy behaviors.

How many accounts can I follow before getting blocked on TikTok?

Again here, the answer depends on the profile of your account.

If your account is brand new for instance, your limitations will be lower than an older account, because spammers tend to have fresher accounts.

Some people talk about 30 accounts you can follow per hour, others talk about 50, it all depends.

There are no clear following limitations.

What we recommend to prevent being blocked on TikTok from following is to :

  • Set intervals between your following requests
  • Start with 5/10 accounts per hour, then increase slowly.

If you don’t follow more than 30 accounts per hour, you don’t risk any kind of limitation or follow-ban.

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Is there any follow and following limitation on TikTok?

As said earlier, there is no clear follow or following limitation on TikTok.

TikTok has several algorithms that detect spammy behaviors that are triggered at different times.

Also, TikTok looks at your followers/following ratio before blocking you. Bots tend to have many followings and just a few followers.

This makes it easy to recognize by the algos.

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