What Does “WSG” Mean on Snapchat?

WSG meaning Snapchat

In this article, you’ll learn what WSG means on Snapchat.

If you have been using Snapchat or other socials for a while now, you must have stubble upon WSG.

Indeed, nowadays, people are using this expression very often to start up a conversation but also to re-launch a chat.

Acronyms are widely used on social media but were also used a lot before in the context of texting online.

In this post, let’s take a closer look at what WSG means depending on the situation.

What Does “WSG” Mean on Snapchat?

The main usage of WSG on Snapchat is to begin a conversation with someone.

WSG simply meansWhat’s good?“.

WSG is used to start a conversation usually while texting and is a good way to replace the traditional “How are you?” or “What’s up?”.

WSG on Snapchat is seen as a shorter and quicker alternative to asking how you doing.

How to use WSG on Snapchat?

Well, there are many ways to use What’s good on Snapchat.

The most common way to use it, is to start the chat by saying “Hey wsg?” replacing “Hey, how are you?”.

However, there are many other uses of WSG on Snapchat.

For instance, you can use WSG to ask how are things going at the event, on the menu, and much more.

Basically, as soon as you want to ask how are things about something or somewhere, you can use WSG.

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Examples of use WSG on Snap

Here is a list of different uses of WSG on Snapchat:

  • Hey WSG homie?
  • wsg in NYC?
  • wsg at the restaurant?
  • wsg at the movies?
  • wsg at the comicon?
  • etc…

As you can see, WSG on Snap can be widely used to ask how are things in many situations and not only to start up a conversation like a classic “How you doing?”.

How to respond to WSG?

To respond to WSG, you’ll need to understand the context of the question.

As said earlier in this post, you can use WSG to ask for instance, “what’s good at the movie theater?” and not only to ask how you doing.

Then here, you’ll need to answer what you’re watching for instance.

Another example would be in the context of a restaurant, someone can ask you “WSG on the menu?”.

Here you’ll just answer what seems good to you for instance.

So basically the main answer would be the same as for the “How are you”?, “How you doing” or “What’s up?” but in some specific cases, you’ll need to elaborate more and be more specific.

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