How To See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook

How to see someone's hidden facebook friends

This post will teach you how to view someone’s hidden Facebook friends.

Facebook is presently the most popular social network.

The popular page has billions of users, and the growth rate continues to this day, due to the individuals who use the website on a regular basis.

The popular network has around 2,740 million users, many of whom have made profiles on it and many of whom have met through direct interaction with others.

Many people question how to view secret friends on Facebook; the answer is simpler than it appears.

Many Facebook users now conceal their friend lists because they are no longer naive and do not want to be exposed to the possibility of a cloned account.

Facebook is considered the most popular social media network due to its massive user base of around 2 billion people.

So you might need to look at someone’s concealed friend’s list one day.

In such a situation, the three possibilities for viewing a person’s concealed friend list on Facebook are as follows…

Is it Possible to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook?

Yes, it is possible to see someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook using several different techniques.

You can ask one of your mutual friends, use a chrome extension that shows all friends or use other more complicated techniques like using the Facebook profile ID and using a specific URL. (more below)

Follow along and you’ll discover how to easily find these hidden friends on FB.

How to find and see someone’s hidden friends on Facebook

Ask one of your mutual friends

The easiest way by far to see someone’s hidden friends on Facebook is to ask one of your mutual friends.

Indeed, if one of your friends is hiding his friends from you, maybe he is not from someone else.

That’s why the best technique would be to reach out directly to a mutual friend and ask for an export.

Use a Facebook friend finder

If the technique above didn’t work out, don’t worry we’ve got you covered to find hidden friends on Facebook!

This second technique consists of using a third-party tool like a chrome extension.

We recommend using “Social Revealer”.

Once downloaded, follow these steps to see hidden friends on Facebook :

  • Visit the Facebook profile that hides its friends
  • Open the chrome extension
  • Tap on “See friends”
  • That’s it!

This technique is very efficient but only works if you’re using Google Chrome as s browser.

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Find hidden friends on Facebook through Profile ID

If the techniques above didn’t work out yet to find the hidden friends on FB, don’t worry, we’ve got a last technique for you to try out!

How does it work?

You’ll need to find the profile ID to do custom research using a hidden URL of Facebook.

Follow these steps :

  • Go to
  • Go to the profile of the person you’d like to find hidden friends
  • Find the profile ID (fbid) of the person (usually you can find it in the top nav bar)
  • Tap enter
  • That’s it!

This technique doesn’t work 100% of the time, so make sure you also try the 2 other techniques mentioned before.


In this post, you discovered 3 different techniques to see someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook: using the profile ID, asking one of your mutual friends, or using a Chrome extension.

If you got any questions or blockers, leave a comment below!

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