How to See a Private Account on Instagram?

How to see a private account on Instagram

In this post, you’ll learn how to see a private account on Instagram.

You are in the situation where you want to see an account on Instagram but it is private.

There are many reasons why users make their accounts private. Some have private profiles for privacy concerns, to protect their photos/videos, to have control over who sees their posts.

With its 1.2 billion users, millions of accounts are private.

This can be quite frustrating when you are looking for a particular profile.

We don’t necessarily want to send a subscription request to that person, but simply view their posts.

Our curiosity leads us to find alternatives to combat these obstacles that are private Instagram accounts.

We offer you the best tips to see a private account on Instagram.

What is a private account on Instagram?

By default, every Instagram account is in public.

For all that many users put them in private mode.

Having a private Instagram account allows the Instagram account user to have absolute control over who sees their profile.

It’s not necessarily nice that everyone can have access to your posts.

Some people are shyer than others, and Instagram has put together the best way to keep their privacy.

Having control over your followers allows the user to kick out fake Instagram accounts, this prevents content theft which can be quite disturbing.

This is a real bane for photographers and graphic designers as they have their content stolen.

In addition, some people will resort to this private mode because employers scrutinize social networks to understand, analyze the profiles of its candidates.

The most disturbing photos can be a disadvantage during an interview.

If your account is in public it is even possible that Instagram users without an account see your content.

Is it legal to view a private account on Instagram?

It is completely legal to view a private account on Instagram.

Indeed, when a person has an Instagram account whether it is private or public, it remains accessible to all users.

The only difference with the private account is that the person must accept or not that you can view his content.

You will still have to respect some moral rules because if the person to decides to block you for personal reasons.

It will not be good for you to consult his profile, especially if this person notices it afterwards.

So you will have to respect the choice of the person as best as possible if the user did not unblock you on Instagram.

The privacy of people remains one of the major rules in our society.

Therefore, it is completely legal to see a private account, we recommend that you think carefully about why the person does not want you to access their content.

You can check out Instagram’s rules on private accounts.

Using a fake profile to view a private Instagram account

One of the most used techniques is the fake Instagram account.

Indeed, if you don’t want the person to recognize you during the subscription request. You can wisely create a fake account for yourself.

This method requires special skills because you have to successfully create an Instagram account that looks real. Your Instagram account will need to have a fairly classic name, many followers, posts and most importantly be in private as well.

Having your fake account in private will make that when requesting a subscription.

The user will be intrigued because he does not know your name and will probably accept you, sending you back a subscription invitation.

So you can see our tutorial to create a second Instagram account.

You can also use the account of someone you know, which will save you all the steps of creating your fake Instagram account.

View a private Instagram account with Facebook

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram.

This means that when someone creates an Instagram account, they are offered to combine their Facebook account.

When these two networks are combined you can have access to content that is on Instagram.

Even if the account is private, you will be able to access the content of the private account on Facebook.

Once the person posts on Instagram, it gets added to their Facebook profile.

So to be able to secretly follow someone you have in your Facebook friends but not Instagram you will have access to their content.

The only rule is to be friends on Facebook, and obviously not be blocked by this person.

You will simply have to type the person’s name on the Facebook search bar.

See the photos of a private Instagram account thanks to Google

Any information can be found thanks to whom?

Of course Google! It is very easy to find the posts of a private Instagram profile.

Google will be your database to find the publications of your wish.

To access all the publications of your target, you will have to respect its steps:

  1. Go to the Google browser.
  2. Enter the first and last name of the person.
  3. Go to “Images”

Once you are in the images you will only have to find the publications of your target.

View a private Instagram account with hashtags

Using hashtags makes the user group their post in a folder of similar posts.

As soon as your target puts hashtags you will be able to access their content.

The hardest part, as you can imagine, is to guess the hashtags used by your target. This work can be very profitable because you will have an optimal discretion.

If you know the person well, you will have to determine their hashtag trends.

Analyze the theme of the publications in general, for example, if it is sports you can try hashtags like #marathon, #running…


You were wondering how to see a private Instagram account?

You now know that there are multiple techniques to achieve your goals.

Each trick has its own defects and qualities, you will have to define the technique that will be the most suitable for you.

All you have to do is to put all these explanations into practice!

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