How to Share Tiktok videos to Instagram Story

how to share tiktok video on instagram

In this post, you’ll learn how to share Tiktok videos to Instagram story.

Like many people, you might be active on several social media at the same time like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

You’re creating great content on TikTok but want to share it easily to Instagram as a Reels or story? Well we’ve got you covered.

This article will get you through the whole process of repurposing your content to other socials easily.

Why share a TikTok video to Instagram story?

Before jumping in, let’s see the advantages of sharing your TikTok videos to your Instagram story.

Although there are many advantages of using your TikTok videos on Instagram, here are the three most common reasons to do that.

More content published

Since you’ll be re-using TikTok content on your Instagram story, you will increase your number of publications on Instagram and it might end up in more Instagram followers.

Indeed, if you want to share TikTok videos to Instagram, you’ll publish way more than before which is sending great indicators to the Instagram algorithm.

Improve TikTok exposure

By sharing your TikTok videos on Instagram, you’ll definitely get more exposure on your TikTok account and on your video on TikTok.

TikTok is a great mobile app to share content, but using another social media to boost your videos on TikTok is a great way to get more visibility on several platforms.

Get more followers on TikTok

By sharing TikTok videos on Instagram, you’ll put forward more than ever your TikTok account.

If your Instagram followers have TikTok, then this will definitely help you get more followers on TikTok.

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How to share a TikTok video to your Instagram story?

Now that you know the benefits of sharing TikTok videos to Instagram, let’s see together how to do it.

There are several ways to share TikTok videos to your Instagram stories:

  • Sharing directly from TikTok mobile app
  • Save your TikTok videos on your phone, then upload it to Instagram.

Sharing TikTok videos to Instagram stories from TikTok

The easiest technique is to simply share your TikTok video from the TikTok app.

Follow these steps to share a Tiktok video to Instagram:

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Navigate to your profile
  • Tap on the video you want to share
  • Tap on the 3 horizontal dots at the bottom right
  • A pop-up shows up with sharing settings > tap on Instagram or Instagram stories
  • You’re now redirected to Instagram
  • The TikTok videos show up in the story editing section
  • Edit the story as you wish
  • Hit the publish button!

As you can see, the process is very straightforward and will allow you to share TikTok videos very quickly.

As an extra step, you can add a link on your story to redirect to your TikTok video directly.

That way, you might drive more traffic to your TikTok account and will get more followers on this platform.

Sharing TikTok videos to Instagram from the camera roll

The other technique to share TikTok videos to Instagram stories is to share from the camera roll.

The process here is a little bit more complex and time consuming but ends up working similarly.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Go to the video you want to share on Instagram
  • Download the TikTok video
  • Open Instagram
  • Tap on your profile picture to create a new story
  • Swipe up (opens the camera roll)
  • Open tap on the TikTok video you just downloaded
  • Edit the Instagram story according to your needs.
  • Hit the publish button.

Again, you can add a link to your TikTok original video if you want to link and drive traffic to your TikTok page.

As you can see here, the process is more complex but ends up with the same result.

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