How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

how many reports to get deleted on instagram

In this post, you’ll discover how many reports you need to delete an Instagram account.

If you have been using Instagram for a while or even social media, you know that you might face some fake accounts or accounts that are not respecting the social media guidelines.

This is not particular for Instagram, this is the fléau of social media.

So how do you deal with spammers or fakes?

Well, you report them and they eventually get deleted from the app.

In this post, we’ll take you through the whole process of reporting, tell you how many reports you need to get deleted, and much more.

What is a report on Instagram?

A report on Instagram is simply the fact of reporting an account to the Instagram support team.

On Instagram, you can report an account, a photo, a comment, a reel or even a story. Basically, you can report everything that is published to the platform.

And that’s normal. With millions of content published each month on Instagram, humans simply can’t regulate everything.

Of course, Instagram has spam detection algorithms, but sometimes it is not enough.

The best way to protect the users of the platform is by asking the actual users to report spammers or fakes that do not respect the guidelines.

report accounts Instagram

How many reports do you need to get deleted on Instagram?

So you might be wondering how many reports you need to get deleted from Instagram.

The answer is complicated and not common for everyone.

Usually, 10 reports are enough to get deleted from the app.

But the actual answer is it depends and it is a matter of time.

Indeed, the way Instagram processes reported accounts is through a priority list.

The more reports you’ll get, the more chances your account will get deleted quickly (because it’ll jump at the top of the priority list).

However, your account might also be deleted if your account gets only 5 reports for instance. it’ll just take longer.

As soon as you get reported, someone from their team will review manually your account to see if you violated the guidelines.

If you did violate Instagram guidelines, your account will be suspended.

if you didn’t, nothing will happen.

Will Instagram delete my account if I get reported?

Yes, eventually.

It’s just a matter of how many reportings you’ll get.

If your account only gets reported once or twice, there is no chance your account will get deleted or it’ll take a very long time at least.

However, if your account gets reported many times, chances are it’ll be flagged by the Instagram support team and if your account doesn’t respect the guidelines, your account will be permanently deleted.

Why would someone report me on Instagram?

There are many reasons to report an account on Instagram.

Here are the most common reasons :

  • You do not respect Instagram guidelines.
  • You are using someone’s else identity. (catfish)
  • The content you publish violates Instagram’s policy.
  • And much more.

These are the main reasons someone would report your Instagram account, however, sometimes you might get reported whereas you didn’t do anything wrong.

But don’t worry, if many people reported you (as a joke or not), the Instagram support team will review your account and will acknowledge that you didn’t do anything wrong and your account won’t get banned from the platform.

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What can you report on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can report many different things.

For instance, if a comment violates the guidelines, you can easily report the comment and it might get deleted.

You can report a photo and it can be deleted too.

Basically, you can report any content published on the platform: photos, stories, reels, comments, accounts, etc…

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