7 Best Free Gantt Software for 2023

Best free gantt softwares

If you are looking for the best Gantt software to manage your projects, you have come to the right place.

Whether you work in a product, marketing or development team, a Gantt software is a real asset to your productivity.

Indeed, the management of team tasks and deadlines are essential nowadays and a Gantt software is the perfect answer to this problem.

Today, many project management software integrating the Gantt view have been created, for the happiness of our productivity.

Together, we will see what a Gantt software is, list the best project management tools and give you some tips on how to choose your future Gantt software.

What is a Gantt software?

A Gantt software is a project management tool that represents the Gantt chart.

The Gantt chart is a representation of the tasks of a project in the form of a timeline, which allows you to see in an instant the complete progress of a project, the tasks that make it up and the deadlines.

This type of software is particularly used for project management, especially in companies or universities.

A Gantt software is nowadays almost mandatory if you want to improve your team’s productivity while staying aligned with the project’s progress.

7 best free Gantt software


monday.com is a Gantt software and much more.

In fact, monday.com is a complete project management software or even ERP, business management software.

It is true, monday.com allows you to boost the productivity of your team and to bring an unequalled transparency through different models.

Among the main functionalities, you will find the following:

  • Kanban view
  • Gantt view
  • Project overview
  • Integrated CRM
  • Dozens of integrations

This task management software is extremely scalable, which is one of its main strengths.

This powerful tool is equally suitable for sales, product and marketing teams, as it is so flexible.

Moreover, monday.com is available in a totally free version for ever, which allows you to test without breaking the bank.


Instagantt is a very simple Gantt-based project management software.

To make it simple Instagantt has 3 different views to manage your tasks in team or for your personal projects. These 3 views are the following:

  • Gantt view
  • Board view (kanban)
  • Workload view

This software is much simpler than the others in this list but is interesting because it focuses on work in Gantt chart mode.


Asana is also a project management software with a Gantt chart view.

Asana is very popular with startups around the world.

Indeed, its ease of use makes it an essential asset for its worldwide adoption.

Asana has interesting features in terms of project management such as :

  • Gantt view
  • Calendar view
  • Table view
  • Complete reports
  • Goal management
  • Resource management

Asana is both simple and complete.

This software has a free version and then a paid version if you want to integrate it with your entire team.


Wrike is a very well known Gantt chart software on the project management market.

Indeed, Wrike is composed of many functionalities to manage team tasks, including a very practical Gantt view to have an overview of the progress of a common project.

Moreover, Wrike allows you to simplify transparency between teams by simply inviting all the members of your team.

If you wish, Wrike also offers other views such as the Kanban or calendar view.

In terms of price, Wrike has an interesting free plan to test the power of this Gantt software.


Lucidchart is a newcomer to the project visualization market.

Unlike other project management tools, Lucidchart only offers simplified visualization.

The main functionalities are therefore focused on visuals such as :

  • Creation of mind maps
  • Creation of Gantt charts
  • Creation of timeline

This tool is therefore interesting as a complement to another software but will not replace a complete project management tool such as monday.com for example.

Regarding prices, Lucidchart offers a very limited free plan. The first paid plan starts at 6,95€/month.


Clickup is a very powerful Gantt chart software.

In fact, Clickup is much more than that, as it is a complete task and project management software.

Clickup allows you to manage dozens of use-cases via their platform in order to boost the productivity of your teams.

This tool claims more than 800 000 customers.

The gantt view is just one of the many functionalities of this tool:

  • Customized view
  • Goal management
  • Enterprise wiki creation at the Notion
  • Ultra complete task management
  • Dozens of integrations

Clickup is a very intuitive solution and available for free for limited use, then the first paid plan comes at $5/month/user.

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How to choose a Gantt software?

To choose the best Gantt software for you, you will have to ask yourself different questions and analyze the different functionalities of the potential tools.

Indeed, not all tools are equivalent and some are more simplistic than others.

For example, monday.com or Clickup are very powerful and complete project management software that will allow any team to find what it is looking for.

On the other hand, Elegantt is a Chrome extension based on Trello, which will not suit everyone.

Next, comes the question of budget.

Although most Gantt software offers a free version, you will definitely have to opt for a paid plan if you want to implement it in your company.

Therefore, analyze your budget VS the price of each solution to avoid bad surprises.

Finally, the ergonomics is very important for this type of software since it is supposed to bring clarity in the course of a project, a Gantt software must be intuitive.

We therefore recommend that you test different software to find your happiness.

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