What Does SMT Mean on Instagram?

smt meaning Instagram

In this post, you’ll learn what does SMT mean on Instagram.

Slang is widely used on social media nowadays and you might feel a little bit lost with all the expressions used.

Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll cover the meaning of SMT on Instagram and on the web more generally.

What Does “SMT” Mean on Instagram?

Slang on Instagram and other socials is widely used. Let’s see the different meanings of SMT on Insta.

We identified 4 different meanings for SMT on Instagram from the most popular, to the least popular usage.

SMT for Suck My Teeth

The first and most popular meaning for SMT on Instagram is Suck My Teeth or Sucking My Teeth.

Basically, it is a good way to express your disapproval about something.

If you don’t feel like agreeing with a statement, you can use SMT for Suck my teeth to disapprove in a very familiar way.

SMT for Something

Sometimes people use SMT to mean “Something”, as simple as this! People are just lazy to write the full word so they make it shorter to SMT on Instagram.

SMT for Simultaneous Multi-Threading

On Instagram, this one is less popular but it is widely used on Slack, or Discover for instance, and in these cases, SMT can be meaning Simultaneous multi-threading – meaning the person has a conversion in the threads at the same time.

SMT for send me this

The last use of SMT we identified on Instagram is for send me this.

This usage is more likely to happen in your DMs and not directly in a post or reels.

You understood, there are many meanings of SMT on Instagram and online, it all depends on the situation you are in at the moment.

However, most of the time, SMT means suck my teeth or something.

How to use SMT on Instagram?

Well, as seen earlier it all depends on your use cases of SMT on Instagram.

Here we’ll show you how to use SMT in the most popular way.

If someone asks you a favor and you don’t want to do it, you can easily answer SMT.

This can be perceived as very familiar but it works.

Examples of uses of SMT on Instagram

Now, let’s see together a few usage examples of SMT in different situations, so you can easily recognize and understand the meaning of SMT on Insta.

You: Hi, wsg?

Her: Just working out at the moment, and you?

You: doing smt, busy atm – chat to you later

In this quick chat, you started the discussion with the slang WSG and then you answered that you were doing something (didn’t precise what).

Another example of use for SMT on Instagram can be the following.

Her: Hey Mark, How you doing today bro?

You: Hey Lucy, I’m great, how about you?

Her: Same! I wanted to ask you a little fav, can I borrow you 100$ for our party next weekend? I want to prepare a surprise for Sophia.

You: SMT, I’m broke!

In this short chat, Lucy asked you for some money for a surprise, but you kindly declined the request.

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How to answer to SMT on Instagram?

Depending on the situation, you might answer to SMT differently.

First of all, you should know that you don’t have to answer all the time to SMT.

It doesn’t need to be answered.

However, you can follow up on the discussion.

If someone sent you SMT for suck my teeth, then you can try to dig about why the person disagrees with you on the statement.

If someone sent you SMT on Instagram for “Something”, then you can try to dig to understand what the something actually means.

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