How to See Deleted Tweets

how to see deleted tweets

In this post, we’ll cover how to see deleted tweets.

Everybody has a perception, and a single tweet can change everything.

A viral tweet can either make you the protagonist or antagonist in your own story, or in the story of someone else.

On Twitter, personal space is rare, and every move you make is closely watched by a massive number of people.

Similarly, you may want to closely monitor the actions and tweets of others.

Because there is no official way to view other people’s deleted tweets on Twitter, a deleted tweet that mentioned you could give you nightmares.

Even if it did acknowledge you, you would simply receive a notification for the mention, and it would be erased as soon as the original tweet was deleted by the individual who tweeted it in the first place.

However, there are methods for viewing a deleted tweet. Such approaches, however, do not assure data security or privacy and are not encouraged.

If you’re a newbie to Twitter, this post will show you how to discover someone’s deleted tweets for free.

Twitter archives to see deleted tweets

Twitter archives can help you see deleted tweets.

You will need to request that your archives be downloaded for this. This may be accomplished by heading to settings > account > archives and then requesting download.

You may save a list of your deleted and archived tweets to your device by downloading it from this page.

This list is organized by the date it was generated.

By using the dates to order the list, you may quickly find the tweet you’re searching for.

Use Wayback machine to see deleted tweets

This technique to see deleted tweets is pretty powerful and efficient.

To do so, we’ll use a great website that does screenshots of the web and saves from time to time any website.

Go to the Wayback Machine website to retrieve and recover someone’s deleted tweets. Enter the Twitter profile URL for which you wish to locate deleted tweets.

Then, choose a date range and go to the archived version of the profile to see their previously deleted tweets.

Aside from that, deleted tweets can occasionally be found in the form of screenshots on Twitter and other networks.

A viral tweet may persist even after the originator user has removed it.

This occurs when a tweet is retweeted numerous times and some individuals screenshot or copy-paste it on their page instead of retweeting.

Even if the tweet is deleted from the source, and all retweets are instantly erased, screenshots and copy-pasted tweets remain and can be read by other users.

This may be a violation of the original user’s privacy, and the person can request that all such tweets be removed if they are potentially defamatory or detrimental to them.

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