How to tag someone on Tiktok?

How to tag someone on tiktok

In this post, you’ll learn how to tag or mention someone on Tiktok.

As you know, TikTok is a particular social network, focused on videos.

Or, more precisely, on very short video clips. Everything is designed to watch them. But everything is also designed to make and publish them.

In fact, the app provides a complete mini video editing studio, which allows you not only to shoot footage but also to process it with a host of functions and special effects (slow motion, distortion, superposition, clone, etc.).

If you’re tempted by the adventure, all you need is a smartphone – or a tablet – and the app to create your own videos and participate in the countless “challenges” that TikTok offers.

And, of course, the whole arsenal is free.

Follow along to learn more about tagging someone on Tiktok.

What does tagging someone on Tiktok mean?

Tagging someone on a Tiktok is simply the fact of mentioning someone on the specific media.

This tag will be a direct link to the tagged account.

Be careful, unlike other social media, Tiktok doesn’t allow you to tag someone on your videos. Instead, you can tag people in the caption of your video.

How to tag someone on Tiktok easily?

Tagging someone on Tiktok is a fairly simple process.

When you create a new video on Tiktok, you can tag someone by tapping on the “@Friends” button option.

However, keep in mind that on Tiktok you cannot tag someone directly in your video but it’ll be tagged directly in the caption below your video.

To tag someone on Tiktok follow these steps:

  1. Open Tiktok
  2. Tap on the + to add a new media
  3. Select the video you want to upload to Tiktok
  4. Tap on Next
  5. Tap on @friends
  6. Search for the accounts you want to tag in the caption (you can tag several users)
  7. Post your video to Tiktok
  8. That’s it!

The users that you tagged in your Tiktok video will receive a notification as soon as the video is live.

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