How Long Is a Story on Instagram?

how long is a story on insta

Wondering how long an Instagram story lasts?

We have the answers to your questions on this subject!

Indeed, Instagram is the trendy social network, this one will be your communication and marketing lever if you develop on it.

The possibilities on Instagram are almost infinite for companies because the mobile application has more than 1.2 billion users, 700 million of whom connect every day.

This social platform will show you its skills to generate a high rate of engagement with your community, this one is 10 times higher than on other social platforms.

In order to break through on this social network, you will have to find ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. It will be important for you to understand the use that people have on Instagram in order to understand and choose the best format for Instagram stories.

Take a look at our numbers to understand what appeals to and captivates Instagram users (what you’ll need to get involved in).

Instagram news feed: how long does it last?

The Instagram news feed is the backbone of the social network.

Indeed, the publications appearing on this news feed have a long-term scope. They have a fairly short lifespan on the news feed itself, because it is often updated by new publications.

However, your publications once they are no longer in your news feed will appear on your profile to constitute your Instagram feed.

This one must be particularly well organized to retain visitors on your profile

What Instagram allows you

On Instagram, the maximum length of a publication is 60 seconds for a video, and 8 photos for a picture post.

You can vary both photos and videos on the same post. Your format will simply have to respect 60 seconds for videos.

Your posts on the News Feed are therefore limited to one minute.

This type of content is suitable for your regular audience as well as for new followers.

However, the attention of your viewers is very variable depending on the quality of your post and content. You need to determine the best time to post on Instagram.

It’s a great way to inform and generate engagement with a large audience of people.

What is the average time spent by followers?

As said before the time spent on each post on the news feed is very variable depending on the quality of the content and the post.

An average has been stated for photo posts which are generally scrolled in 3 seconds by the viewers.

For video posts, people’s attention is mostly in the first few seconds. That is an average of 8 seconds of viewing time per video.

The lifespan of a post on the Instagram news feed is about 21 hours, after this time there is little activity on the post.

Instagram story: how long does it last?

Instagram stories are seen as a complement to the publications on the news feed. Indeed, the short life of stories on Instagram, about 24 hours, makes the publications much more spontaneous and the content can be very diverse.

What Instagram allows you to do

On Instagram you can post 15-second video stories.

But you have to keep in mind that you need to deliver a message in a very short time, and in the fastest way possible.

Instagram stories are a great addition because they can have a link that joins to your Instagram profile, a clickable link, or a swipe up.

So your mission is to manage to convert a visitor to discover you more in a few seconds. It’s not easy, you’re going to need to know how to share a story on Instagram.

You can use the apps to create Instagram stories so that they are optimized.

What is the average time spent by followers?

The time spent by users on Instagram stories is very variable depending on your theme, the profile of subscribers…

But generally, people watch 6 seconds of story.

The reading time is very variable because a person who publishes few stories, people will watch until the end while if the person publishes a lot of Instagram stories, it translates that there is little information to draw from it.

IGTV: how long is it?

IGTV videos are the new feature of Instagram. They allow for longer and more diverse content for users.

Some people will look for long videos to get properly informed about a topic.

IGTV is a new Instagram feature that comes to compete with Tiktok (kind of but they released reels), both in its format which is longer, and the field of video where Tiktok has a real success.

What Instagram allows you

With Instagram’s IGTV you will be able to share content that can last up to 60 minutes which is not negligible. Indeed, instead of segmenting as for stories or publications on the news feed, you will be able to publish in the simplest and most raw way.

A time constraint of 60 minutes maximum, which is still relatively long for a social network originally specialized in photography.

What is the average time spent by followers on IGTV?

Instagram users spend an average of 30 seconds on each IGTV, so when you design an IGTV you need to be catchy in a few seconds, to get viewers interested.

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